Monday, 7 November 2011

way of making milk crackers

Crackers are dry foods that contain high starch, made ​​with tapioca flour base material. Here is described the manufacture of crackers with milk as an ingredient enhancements.

Raw Materials

     Enough milk instead of water so the dough can be made well (for 1 kg can be used tapioca milk 1 / 2 - 1 liter,

     tapioca flour 1 kg,







     Place to make dough

     steamer appliance


Making way

     Inserted into tapioca flour salt, flavors, and onions that have been mashed and added to milk. Then stir until mixed with a balk.

     If you have been dull insert in plastic and tie both ends to form a round.

     Packaged dough is then steamed until cooked (30 minutes), then cooled overnight until the dough becomes solid and slap to cut.

     Thinly sliced ​​and then dried with a dryer cabinet

     or using sunlight.