Sunday, 30 October 2011

Garuda Food Jobs

Garuda Food is a food and beverage company subordinated to Hood Group. In Addition to GarudaFood, hoods Group also subordinates SNS Group (PT Commerce Success Prosperity, operating in distribution and logistics business, PT Bumi Mekar Tani (BMT, dealing with plantation sector), PT Tirta Agung Nirmala (NTA, operating in potable water packed with a brand of Mayo), PT Dairyland Indonesia (DLI, dealing with marketing of canned dairy milk with a brand of Prestine), Inti and PT Garuda Solutions (GSI, operating in training, seminars, event-organizers, and management consulting services). 

Garuda Food Jobs


* Male, max. 32 years old.
* Bachelor / Master Degree majoring in Law from reputable university.
* Minimum 3 year experiences as Legal Officer
* Experienced in Litigation and non litigation matter
* Having good knowledge of Corporate Law / Agribusiness
* Able to work independently in a fast-paced changing environment
* Have experience working with government institution
* Willing to travel intensively.

* Male / Female, max. 32 years old.
* S1/S2 degree in Accounting from reputable university.
* Have an experience min. 2 years as Accounting in F & B Industry.
* Have a certification of Brevet A / B.
* Have knowledge and skill in Cost Accounting, Finance, Tax Regulations, SOP.
* Familiar with ACCPAC application program.

* BOSNET implementing consolidation across the Point Depot and the SNS
* Implement applications in all PS PS SNS targeted.
* MODIS implementation in all Depo SNS.

* MALE, max. 28 years.
* D3/S1 of Information Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Management.
* 1 year experience as IT Staff.
* Familiar with MS operating systems. MS Windows and applications. Excel.
* Understand the concept of databases, preferably MS SQL master / Ms. Access
* Willing to do the Office of Foreign Cities

* Budget planning and control department budget in order to Ensure the existence of an internal control.
* Directing and overseeing the production of machine made quality standards and production processes, monitoring implementation at the plant and help solve the quality problems may That Arise in order to Ensure That the products correspond to the Desired.
* Overseeing the process of quality assurance in the machine environment Garuda Food Group in order to Ensure the engine pr

* MALE, max. 32 years old.
* S1/S2 of Mechanical Engineering / Electrical / Mechanical.
* Enginering 1-2 years as a Supervisor in the Food & Beverage Industry.
* Have knowledge of Controlling Water Process.
* Have knowledge of basic techniques of production,
* Method of analysis of machine production, engineering basics, Statistics.
* Foreign Office was willing to do the City.

* Compiling and Running the Risk Management.
* Collects, and Managing Data analize entire SHE SHE BU and Development Report.
* Develop guidance / SOP / WI / SHE standards to be applied throughout the BU
* Support the implementation of SMK3/OHSAS 18 001 and ISO 14001 in all BU.
* Conduct inspections and Audits throughout the BU SHE.

* MALE, age max. 26 years.
* 1-2 years experience as a SHE Staff / K3LH Staff / SAFETY OFFICER.
* Mastering the regulations and standards in K3LH (Local and International).
* Mastering SMK3, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
* Understanding of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health.
* Understand the management techniques, ESPECIALLY the Environmental Industry Industrial Waste, WWTP.
Leading the Department QA / QC

* Male or female, max.38 years of age.
* S1/S2 of Food Technology / Microbiology, GPA 2.75.
* 3-4 years experience as a Senior Supervisor / Senior Manager
* Having knowledge in the field: GMP, HACCP, ISO, 5S, Thermal Process, QA / QC.
* Having leadership soul, Able to speak Bahasa, Able to use computer.
* Willing to be placed in East Java and Kletek Rancaekek-Bandung.

How to Apply?
1. Download our application form below:
Download Form Application
2. Send to before 30 Desember 2011, write position code. (e.g LOW) on Subject field.