Sunday, 30 October 2011

PT Chevron Jobs

Chevron, Headquartered in San Ramon, California USA and conducting business in 180 countries. Chevron is engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales, and power generation.
In Indonesia, Chevron is working in partnership with BPMIGAS (Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities) for its exploration & production business and Pertamina for the geothermal and power business and has long been recognized as significant oil and gas producer and geothermal and power provider.

Why work with Chevron?
* Global Scope of operations promotes global careers
* Competitive total remuneration program : pay, bonus program and flexible benefits
* 125 years of history yet strong future growth
* State of the art technology
* World class experts
* Large queue of exciting projects
* Reputation for solid business results
* Strong ethics
* Diversity is a core value
Experienced position is available for applicant with minimum 4 years related experiences or as required by the position.
Positions Education Discipline Work Location Expired Date
1. DRILLING ENGINEER (Ext-46/TCL/EXP/CICO/DW/2011) S1 / D4 Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Jakarta 31-10-2011
2. GEOPHYSICIST SEISMIC (Ext-48/TCL/EXP/CICO/EXPL/2011) S1 / D4 Geology, Geophysics, Physic Jakarta 31-10-2011
3. Jr. Construction Representative (Ext-114/CL/EXP/ALL/SMOLO/2011) D3 Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Power), Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering Duri 31-10-2011
4. Construction Representative (Ext-115/CL/EXP/ALL/SMOLO/2011) D3 Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Kota Batak 31-10-2011
5. TEAM MANAGER PLANT OPERATION & MAINTENANCE (Ext-150/TCL/EXP/CGI/GEOT/2011) S1 / D4 Electrical Engineering (Power), Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering Duri 31-10-2011
6. IT Engineer (Ext-27/TCL/EXP/CGI/PLANNING/) S1 / D4 Computer Engineering/Science, Informatics Engineering Rumbai 31-10-2011