Monday, 7 November 2011

how to make pickled ginger AUSTRALIA

One form of processed fresh ginger is pickled ginger. Preserved ginger is the largest market is Japan and the Middle East. Commonly used type of ginger ginger rhinos were harvested when 3-4 months old because it does not contain much fiber and not too salty ginger pedas.Pembuatan Australia is somewhat more complicated if compared with the manufacture of Chinese salted ginger.

Raw Materials

     fresh ginger

     14-18% salt,

     1% citric acid solution,

     5% solution of sulfur dioxide



     container in the form of a large cement tanks

Making way

     Young ginger washed, then peeled, sliced

     These slices are stored in cement tanks of rice that has been around a solution of salt, citric acid, and sulfur dioxide. This storage can last for 1-12 months depending on when it will be necessary.