Monday, 7 November 2011

how to manufacture canned apples

Apples are not durable. For that we need a way of preserving fruit. One way is preserved in canned form.

Raw Materials

     fresh apples or rome beauty Manalagi type,

     To make about 10 kg of apples needed canned apples as much as 12-15 kg.

     whiting 10 g / lt of water,

     granulated sugar 600 g / lt of water,

     citric acid 3 g / lt of water, and

     vitamin C 1 g / lt of water.


     cans or glass container with a lid as,

     stainless steel knife,

     pan, and

     stove or heater.

Making way

     Selected apples are nice and still a bit hard. Perform washing with water until clean. Her skin peeled and pulp dipotongpotong according to taste. Do soaking in lime solution for 15-30 minutes. A solution made ​​by adding 10 g of whiting into 1 1 of water. Stir and then precipitated whiting. Liquid used to soak the fruit is clear. Apple pieces and then diblansing by steaming for 5 minutes. Done diblansing enter into a sterile cans. Prepare a solution of sugar by heating water and sugar until slightly thickened. Once filtered add citric acid and vitamin C into it. The addition of vitamin C aims to inhibit the process pencokelatan fruit in cans. The solution was put into the hot syrup in a can until all the fruit submerged. To process ekshauting cans heated for 15-20 minutes. Cans are sealed and then heated again by steaming or boiling for 30 minutes for sterilization.